Sunday, April 17, 2005

Yeah! I finally got back to sketching last night. This is only my third drawing since the beginning of March. And I was drawing something every day in Dec and Jan. I've got to get my grids going again.

I did laundry most of the day yesterday and this was only one of the piles of laundry laying around waiting to be put away. The basket really is that tall and skinny. The folded clothes were hard for me. For some reason I seem to have trouble with fabric folds whenever I try drawing them. The watercolors really helped this to look like something. I was pretty surprised at how well the white watercolor covered the yellow acrylic background.

I'm not sure which week this is for since I'm so far behind, but piles was one of the weekly challenges on the Every Day Matters list. Now I need to make a list in my journal of all the other weekly challenges that I've missed so I can draw them too. Posted by Hello


Kathleen Marie said...

This is a fun page Dawn. I am so behind on the EM challenges. I've been doing other art, but I'd like to catch up this week and say that I've done them all so far. So little time in the day! :)

Shell said...

Hi! I stumbled upon your blog while exploring interests similar to my own. I love your art journals, they are beautiful! It's always a pleasure to take a sneaky peek into someone elses creative work books. I'm going to keep coming back and checking them out!

Linda said...

Dawn, this is a lovely page -- great composition! You should keep on sketching, because you're very good at it! :-)

Kaleidoscopic Kris said...

This is very interesting and inspiring. I could look at it for a long time, taking in all of the details.