Saturday, April 16, 2005

I wanted to journal the trip I made to Wisconsin. I even collected ephmera to put on the pages. Somehow the time never appeared to get it done. Finally, I just went on journaling instead of waiting to go back and journal. I decided that if I did get around to it, I would just have to include it where ever I am in the journal then. Not a perfect solution, but better than just stopping completely. Posted by Hello

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Kathleen Marie said...

I totally understand the frustration of not getting to a page or an idea in sequence, or having to move on before a certain project got underway in the journal. I've learned that it isn't a crime to go back and do a spread "out of sequence"... I wonder why this bothers me so. I'm trying to get over that self-imposed rule that I made for myself that everything had to be in order. Geeee, life isn't always in order, is it? ha ha