Saturday, April 09, 2005

I had a chance to go to my son's fiance's shower in Wisconsin last weekend. I was supposed to bring something that started with the letter "A". I didn't know I would be going until a week before the shower. Of course I immediately thought of an altered book, but what to put in it? I came up with an apple pie kit and everything needed to make one. The on Wednesday at 6:00 AM the first thing that entered my head when I woke up was and ABC recipe book. I was on spring break and decided to go for it. Within an hour I had started searching through my recipe box, looking for photos and getting my mom started on writing down some of her recipes. I had a blast with it. No time to second guess, just throw stuff on the pages. This was the only page I didn't get completely finished. I will write a couple more zuchini recipes when she comes home this summer. The circles are stamped with a cork. I will use that technique again. Posted by Hello

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