Saturday, December 17, 2005

My First Mitten

Little bears seem to follow me home. I can't pass one up when they are sitting lonely at a thrift store or yard sale. This one is holding Madelyn's mitten (my first people mitten, I've made lots of doll ones) and modeling her Sheep's new hat and scarf. I also made Madelyn a matching hat and scarf.

That's Bay Creek in the background. The bear is posing in our bathroom window.


Kathleen Marie said...

I'm such a scaredy cat. I haven't done a mitten or hat in knit yet. I have dozens of knit socks books---but I'm petrified of manipulating the four needles. :) You are much more talented than I when it comes to knitting. She will love them!

Lara said...

I have the same problem :D If I touch or hold a stuffed animal I have to buy it because I've bonded with it and I don't want to get it's hopes up. Sometimes they just jump into your arms and you have to take them home!