Friday, December 30, 2005

Tazo Tea

I loved the way the Tazo tea box looked when I opened it. They really know how to package tea. I couldn't get a decent photo, so I put it on my scanner/copier. The orange tea was pretty good too, but I don't like black tea and most of the teas included that.


Lin said...

OH YES!! Love the tea box -- and the entire page -- GREAT JOB, Dawn! Hope your holidays have improved!

DAWN said...

I love Tazo bottled teas and their labels on those are great! peel them off and flip them over and you have more stuff to read. Their webpage is pretty cool, too.

DAWN said...

Oh, you use to have a blog called Catsidha or something like that on your side bar. If you can remember the link would you send it to me?

Kathleen Marie said...

My husband is addicted to Tazo's Green Tea with Ginger and Pear. He makes sure he gets a cup every afternoon. It really is very clean tasting, refreshing flavor. Well, I wish you the best in 2006 my friend, full of journal fun and art adventures!