Sunday, December 11, 2005

Volume Five

I decided to try something a bit different with this journal. Inspired by the journal I made for my collaborative journal with Maya (see the August archives), I dismantled a compo book and replaced several of the pages with vintage papers. I made the book about 70 pages long instead of 100 since that's about how many I usually have in mine when I'm through with them. I used vintage music, brown paper from a bag, part of a cross word puzzle book, and a page from an old encyclopedia. I restitched the book using button thread.

I didn't get it exactly lined up and I'm really not sure it was worth the effort. It would have been easier to just glue in the pages. We'll see as I work in it if I do it again.

1 comment:

Kathleen Marie said...

It's a great idea... and I'm convinced that you have far greater patience than do I! LOL I hope it works out for you Dawn. I look forward to seeing the spreads on the added papers.