Sunday, August 06, 2006

Detritus - 2

I like these pages with smaller inserts. I will miss that about this journal now that it's full and I'm on to another one that I didn't deconstruct and put back together. Some things like the sheet music pages that fell apart I will not miss.

The text reads: I need to keep walking morning or night. It clears my head and strengthens my heart and builds my bones, primes the pump of my creativity. So much to see.

The roses are basically done, but there are a few bunches in bloom. It's like they don't want to give up.

Don't be (from the dictionary definition) faint-hearted.

Why is it that I can look at pictures of him only now that she is gone? Why is it?

The picture is a wedding photo of my mom and dad that I had enlarged for her memorial service. My dad killed himself three years ago. They sure look happy here. I was born 9 monthes and 2 days later.

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