Wednesday, August 16, 2006

South Dakota

We had a great day driving through South Dakota. What's not to like about the Black Hills, the Badlands and the Mitchell Corn Palace. We stayed on the interstate as we'd been through the Black Hills and Badlands once before. If we'd had more time we would have gone again as both are beautiful. Even what we could see from the interstate was great. We were there the Wednesday before the biker rally at Sturgis. It was really funny to us since the last time we went through it was the actual weekend of the biker rally. The first time we kept wondering why there were so many bikes on the road. This time we were a bit more savvy. I was impressed with the fact that almost all of the billboards in Stugis and surrounding towns were geared to the bikers. I guess it's a big industry catering to them.

I was thrilled to get to see the Corn Palace. My grandma had been years ago and talked about it to me often. I think it's so cool that they change it every year. My only disapointment was that there is a doll musuem across the street and it was closed.

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