Friday, August 11, 2006

Last spread of Volume Five

This has been a full journal and a fun one since I took it apart and reconstructed it partly with vintage papers. I learned (the hard way) to make sure those papers are strong enough. Some of the music pages I used weren't. Those were heavily covered over with masking tape or other paper to give them strength. I was having a hard time deciding whether or not to make a similar journal for my next one. The fact that it ran out in the middle of my trip decided that for me. I went in to Wal-mart and bought another compo book for 50 cents and started that one.

This sketch was done in Motel 6 in Ontario, OR. It was my first time in a Motel 6 and after the awful motel the night before, I was happy to be there. It was also my first time in Oregon.
The door looks a little plain to me. I may stick some photos there.

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