Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Last day of our trip

This page is mostly just writing. Too bad you can't read it very well. We had a great day going along the western border of Iowa. I didn't know before then that Iowa has Loess hills. They are really pretty. I wish we could have gotten off the interstate to travel down the scenic route. We wound up a bit more off the interstate than we planned when we decided to avoid Kansas City. Road construction caused the two-lane road we were on to suddenly end. It took us a while to find our way back to it. We got to see some wonderful scenery and small towns in north- central Missouri because of it though.

I had to add the Frappuccino label because Johnny bought one on the last day of our trip last summer too. He didn't remember it and I wouldn't have if I hadn't put it in my journal then too. I just realized that I didn't post that page or all of the finished versions of the others. I finally got photos on them about 5 months later. Hopefully I'll do better this time. I'll try to get pictures taken and go ahead and post them. Better late than never.

I have several more pages from this summer's trip , but they aren't anywhere close to being finished. I'll post them when I get them done. If last year was any indication, I won't hold my breath til then though.

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