Thursday, November 30, 2006

Not done but...

I kept putting off posting this spread because it wasn't done. I finally decided tonight to just post it. It may not get anything on the green paper for a while. I like the paper, but it's kind of strange to glue to. It sort of stretches. I used my new stamps from Queen of Tarts on this spread. I love this one especially, but all of them are great. I like the way it looks with the acrylic paint. I tried it in black ink at first and wasn't happy with it, but I like having the black ink under the white paint. I'll be playing with these a lot.

This page is hard to read, but I didn't write anything earthshattering there anyway. The black and white image is another of my new stamps. I inked all of them and put the image on the envelopes that I store them in.

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