Thursday, November 30, 2006

One more Stubby Stamper grabbag

I got another Stubby Stampers grabbag to take advantage of the sale that is going on through Dec. 2. This bag was even better than the first one. They have so many different images and there were only 7 repeats out of four grabbags. I had bought two other ones a couple of years ago. I got some really cool stamps this time. I put most of my favorites here. There were a couple that I really like that were too big to fit in the spaces. I like having them stamped in my journal for easy access to the images when I want to use one. I tend to forget what I have and use the same ones over and over. I ordered one more grabbag just now. They're like potato chips, I can't seem buy just one.


Anonymous said...

What do you use on your pages so the color does not soak through? What type of paint do you use? Thanks.

Dawn said...

I use liquid acrylic paints like you get in the craft section - the cheap ones. I put them on in a thin layer with a sponge.