Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Prepainted page

I wasn't too sure about this page when I started and even considered going up and dry brushing white over the top of it. I had prepped it using up paint from my pallette from a couple of different painting sessions. I was too lazy to go upstairs to my craft table, so I decided to just write on it. Then it looked so pitiful that I got out a decorating magazine and started ripping out images. The first one I found was the black and white of Oaxaca, Mexico where we stayed over 30 years ago. The rest just followed from that one. I seem to be on a real orange flower on orange background kick lately. For some reason it really appeals to me. This spread makes me want to travel.


Regina said...

That is my favorite! I love the colors and am off to the flea market in hopes that there are some acrylics to be had for me!

Bryka said...

This page is just so awesome. The colors are perfect. I am so glad that you did not cover over it. Bryka