Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Christmas Spirit Arrives on Bay Creek

... at least on our part. I wanted to print out the photo I took yesterday and put it in my journal, but J. was already asleep, so I decided to draw the dress and tree instead. It looked so pale this evening with the wire tree that I had already glued in that I painted it. It may be the most ambitious I've gotten with water color, or at least in quite a while. The white edge of my craft shop looks kind of unbalanced. Maybe I should use artistic liscence again and make it a darker color.

After I posted the photo last night, I got to thinking that many of my hobbies, pasions are represented in this little corner of my house: the sewing of course, but also my doll's Christmas tree, my travel doll Sara, other dolls and teddy bears, the crazyquilt tea cozy that I made my mom, and even a photo of my grandpa to represent my on again, off again fascination with genealogy. I guess I need to prop the journal entry up and take another picture. Then I would have one more hobby represented. Or maybe I won't.


Casey said...

Very nice Dawn. Your journal pages are a lot of fun to scroll throough.

Shelly McC said...

Great stuff Dawn! Merry Christmas!