Saturday, December 23, 2006

Deck the Halls

Our halls didn't get decked out much, but I did get busy last night and dressed my 10" Tonners for Christmas. Of course I had to hunt up their holiday attire first. It's been so long since they've donned seasonal dress that I had to hunt up some old photo cd's to even figure out what I had. There were a couple of things I didn't find, but I'm tickled with what I did locate. I made everything they are wearing except the shoes, the socks on Sophie and her crochet collar which my mom made.

I guess I never did make Ann Estelle a skirt to go with the Sophie Hope outfit I knitted. I had in mind to wrap a piece of fabric around her for a skirt, but while I was looking for the other things I spotted the perfect piece of plaid taffeta ribbon to make her a skirt. Since I was working on the red corduroy dress for Madelyn's doll to match the dress I made her I went ahead and made Ann Estelle a skirt. Isn't it adorable? The hat she's wearing is too big and not finished. I never did turn up the one that actually fits and has the embroidery. No matter, they look festive and I have done at least a little decorating. I also switched out the postcards and photos for Christmas cards and photos on the bulletin board behind them.

Now I just need to make some Strawberry Divinity and pumpkin bread and precook the rolls for tomorrow. Oh and sew the zipper in Madelyn's dress, and the snaps on her doll's dresss, and wrap the presents... guess I'd better get off this computer.

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Laura said...

A lovely tableau! amazing that you could make a doll skirt so quickly!