Monday, December 18, 2006

I sewed something!

I have had the sewing block of all sewing blocks for the past three years. Oh, I have made a few little things, a tutu, a doll dress, maybe something else I don't remember, but I used to sew - all the time, clothes, curtains, whatever. I love to sew. For some reason I haven't been able to make myself do it. Yesterday I made this dress for my sweet granddaughter. She is three and I haven't sewn her anything but a tutu. When my boys were little and I was making them corduroy pants and vests, I would dream of a little girl to sew for. When I finally got not just one, but now two, I didn't sew at all. I hope this is the start of new, unblocked, times. I do still have to sew in the zipper, but surely I'll get that done since I have a deadline. After all, I want her to be able to wear it for Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas, I have been surfing blogs looking at all the wonderful decorations. This is our total so far. I got out the doll tree from it's storage bag and sat it on the table. I haven't even adjusted the brances yet, so it's a bit wonky. Ok, it's a lot wonky. The ornaments that fell off are sitting on the table next to it. I would take credit for the decorations in the mini craft shop, but it's always decorated. The pile of dolls in the floor is from a year or so ago when I took a photo of my tiny dolls. Can't even think of a reason to have them all in the middle of the floor.


Laura said...

If I lived on the banks of Bay Creek I don't think I'd feel in a hurry to set up a tree, either! The red corduroy dress really says "Christmas". Can't wait to see your next sewing project.

paula, the quilter said...

She will love her new red dress because Grandma made it. My decorations are spare this year too. There are only the two of us, DH and myself, with TheKid coming for the afternoon. Why put those kinda stressors on myself? I like your little tree. /paula

Dawn said...

Thanks, somehow because of the little tree and Madelyn's dress, I'm starting to get in the Christmas mood.

I can't wait to see my next project either. Hopefully, I'll keep going over Christmas break.