Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Journaling out of the book

I got my drawing glued into my journal. I love the way the background turned out. I first painted a couple of colors of green and tan and wasn't happy with that. I sponged some brown through a piece of drywall tape. Too dark. Then I used my new Stubby Stampers dot stamp with white acrylic. I really like the look.

I added the grocery list because it was all the writing I did that day. I think sometimes what we buy tells a lot about us. I also had written the measurements I needed for curtain rods on it in the store and didn't want to loose them. Sometimes the only way I get any journaling done is on scraps of paper. I figure these can always get glued into my journal. I love the photo of the gate in the center and would love a gate like this in my back yard going down to the creek. The one I have is a cattle panel gate. Not lovely.

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