Monday, December 25, 2006


I've been thinking about journaling and if I want to make some resolutions or changes with the new year. Of course there is always the resolution to both write and do more artsy stuff in my journal.

I came across Judy Wise's blog a few days ago and was totally inspired by her journal pages. One thing that I love about them is that she does blocks of journaling when she feels like it, often a spread will include two or three days or more worth of journaling. For some reason I have felt compelled to complete a spread in one setting. I have very few spreads that include more than one day's journaling. I'm hoping to try this new style this year.

I spotted another group of journal pagesthat appealed to me. I love the blend of words and pictures.

One thing I will probably do is to continue journaling on bits and pieces of paper. When I feel like recording and don't feel like prepping a page in my journal or even hunting it down, I can just pop down the thoughts on whatever is handy. It has been working for the past month or so. The bits just get glued in when I do feel like taking my journal out.

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